Even though I have since stopped and started using a sensative skin shampoo and conditioner, it is good to know what was the likely culprit! I first looked into the Organic Care brand because it was one of the few cheap hair care brands that was accredited by Choose Cruelty Free (who have the best accreditation as I’ve explained in previous blog posts) and vegan friendly.  I would have started using the Organic Care shampoo and conditioner at the end of 2014 and finished using it at the end of 2015 when I realised that the severe hairloss and scalp irritation and scabs were to do with this product. It leaves my hair with vollume and lots of bounce. I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point that even Lush and Sukin products cause redness, itchiness and pain to my skin. I am sad they stopped making the volumising one as that was the bomb for my hair type. Its really thin and you have all this new whispy grown at the front. $0.00 FREE SHIPPING OVER $50* Thank you, I hope you have found a better replacement. How Ashley James Dresses for a Day at the Museum, Movies Everybody Should Watch At Least Once, On Olivia Jade and Black Female Forgiveness, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I've seen this range my organics in chemist warehouse and it looks really great. Already from the first application the hair is deeply regenerated and smooth. So the European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety banned the use of it in leave on products in 2014 but it can still be used in rinse off products like shampoo up to a certain concentration. I personally can’t wear lipstick or lipgloss or use bandaids because I have sensitive skin, but I’m not asking companies to recall their products – I know my skin well enough to know it’s not their fault. Specific shampoo for thin hair with a tendency to be greasy. My whole family uses this shampoo and conditioner , and we love it. While it did make my hair feel incredible, my hair was thinning super fast and now eight or nine months later, I have a lot of wispy hair around my face from the fallout growing back. Later she called again, and requested me if I could contact Carrefoure and help her because they were removing all of the stock from their stores. But the worst was what it did to my scalp. https://www.tga.gov.au/recalls Unfortunately this is still being sold in Mauritius and people are still buying it for the simple reason it says Organic. It's hard not to notice this unique packaging, which is made of 100- percent recycled and recyclable materials. Agregar al Carrito. But, reading your review has set me on panic mode. There were over 100 more affected in that facebook group alone, I can’t imagine how many there are Australia wide. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present of the Kulin nation. I didn’t understand at first what happened to my scalp and thought maybe sweat crystals or hair lice but nothing helped. Natures Organics then asked another affected customer to provide them with information on the people losing hair. Must depend on skin type? I’m so sorry you have had bad hair loss too. This is NOT okay. I have tried countless organic ranges but my organics is by far the best. Perhaps it could be as simple as a review of their ingredients? I just use this product twice, so far still ok 🙂, But i am curious on the result of your discussion with the GM of Natures Organic? I bought the green one just 3 days back, both the shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t believe it at first that this was something more people had experienced. If only I could return it; I’m having serious concerns about continuing using the product. View all MY.TESTIMONIALS. For anyone else reading this, let me share some invaluable advice: DO: Discontinue use of a product if your hair, skin, eyes etc react negatively and constant signs of irritation are present The Organic Supreme Shampoo by My Organics provides a youthful splendour of hair! I haven’t used the product – check the ingredients for Methylisothiazolinone. It leaves the hair shiny and full of body. Thank you for your post. Organic care has been an amazing product-I have never reacted to it and have stockpiled it in case they stopped producing it. I have been using the pink Organic Care shampoo and conditioner for about a year now and haven’t had any problems at all with it. 4.6 out of 5 stars. Thank you for your post and for campaigning the company to take some responsibility. It leaves your hair luscious and never oily. I would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. I have extremely thin hair and can’t afford to go bald!! I can believe that some people are allergic to some item in their formulas but I’ve been using these for years and haven’t had a problem. I’ve just started using this over the last month and only recently have broken out on red bumps on my scalp, neck and chest area. This has nothing to do with me not liking a product, and everything to do with me not wanting people to be hurt by a product that shouldn’t even be available for them to buy. It’s one of the few hair care products my skin can tolerate and I personally do not want to see these removed from the shelves as it severely limits my options, and I’m sure I may not be the only one. Thanks for the info!! I had an hour long phone call with her on the phone just a couple of weeks after this post. I have never had sensitivities to other products. I’m sorry, but your title is way too strong. Ugh so sorry it happened to the two of you as well. Before using this, my hair was in terrible condition, no matter what product I tried. This will definitely push the manufacturer to wake up and look at what they are doing and how they are dealing with the feedback of their consumers. Too many people have affected for me to just leave it alone now. I bought normal balance last weekend. I have NEVER reacted to a product like this before. Shipping calculated at checkout. I didn't even know much about plant stem cells and still actually don't. I think it is whole-heartedly correct that the company be held accountable for the afflictions their product has caused. I had perfect hair, every hairdresser I went to would complain to me how easy it was to look after (I only let it dry naturally). Then I returned to Dubai and bought another set of shampoo and conditioner for myself, and the first thing I noticed even before using the new set was my head was shedding way too much dandruff which I hadn’t seen in years. This might just prove to be the turning point on how this manufacturer does things from here on. The fact that it has no nasties in it is why i first chose it, but now i know its made in Australia, the bottles are made from recycled plastics and the bottles are full recyclable too and its not tested on animals,, its a win all round, and i havent even mentioned the … However, (like myself) there are people out there who would never think that a completely organic, natural product could cause such damage (hence the longevity in use). Up until then, natural shampoos were not effectively even formulated, and organic shampoos were not yet discovered. I’ve only used it for a week and I’ve noticed I’m getting itchy scalp (so itchy!) Buy from My Chemist. Not every brand will be the same. To Jayden B, While some people have had a negative experience this doesn’t mean the Organic Care products should be discontinued, some people may be more sensitive to certain ingredients and for others Organic Care is perfect for them. I attributed the hair loss to stress, but I was using these at the time (I think relatively new to them). I know people who reacted who have gone on to use the hair products as a body product and haven’t had issues, but I personally threw it away as the more you’re exposed to it, the more likely you are to react. I have just bought it. My Organics Goji Supreme Shampoo 250ml. They were already well aware of the issue, telling me lots of people contacted them with similar stories, and were rude and dismissive, telling me we were all wrong. So horrible. Conditioners: Thank you for the lovely comment. See the bulk of it below. I have been a user of Husk before this, but this was the first time I happened to spot this brand in Carrefoure here in Dubai, and I thought it was better based on the labeling and what was written on the bottles. Some products affect people in varying degrees, doesn’t mean you go after the company. – Esther Clapperton, I was using their dry nourishing shampoo and conditioner for a few months, would have gone through two bottles. $14.99. I have oily and thin hair and I struggle so much finding a good shampoo. This completely clean formula acts as a thickening agent, adding a noticeable amount of volume, while the rahua oil, which is rich in fatty acids, strengthens hair prone to breakage. So glad I found out and threw shampoo in the bin. Thanks for writing this article, and thanks for providing me and others with the information. It gradually got better after washed with other branded shampoos and also Called my doctor and took recommended meds to stop the itchiness and soreness. sign up. Yes, please. What's cool about this coconut-derived shampoo is that it leaves behind a light lather full of nutrient-boosting bubbles that detoxify and nourish the hair with a healthy amount of hydration. Because the ingredients in Organic Care are so mild (and because we have continued to sell so many bottles), like you, I would put this down to a personal sensitivity. Here are just a couple of affected people who have allowed me to quote them from their comments in a facebook group: My hair got so coarse and brittle using it. Required field. Orange and lemon. Tamaño. I’m very thankful to have found this post, and absolutely agree that these products need to be pulled since such reactions are far from the healthy, care-free, hair care experience, any of us might hope for! Any decent company would have taken the product off the shelves as soon as they were inundated with complaints. My hair is drastically thinner than it used to be. But I used this organic care shampoo (normal balance), It did cause my scalp itching and very itching . Many of those impacted also sought professional help and were told the same thing. It is true that not every product will suit every customer but this is much worse than that. I also just wanted to say to all those who have posted on here saying that everyone just needs to switch products, stop using the Organic Care hair care range and to stop demanding the company takes it off the shelves etc; I dont believe it is Alinta’s aim in any way to be malicious to the company or to discredit them as an Australian brand. I have been using these prior at least a year, and have experienced shocking hair loss, that I attributed to menopause. Maya Allen is the former Digital Beauty Editor at MarieClaire.com where she covered makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness, you name it! I have been enjoying the organic hair products so far. If you go to the supermarket the shelves are packed with this stuff. For some people, this may not work well for them, but for others it works just fine. Then a refund is offered and the email finishes with: Thank you again for your feedback which I will forward to our marketing and product development teams for their assessment in relation to the formula. Wisp that i ca n't pronounce for providing me and others with the sensitivity – such yourself... Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... '' the brand 's footprint the turning point on how this manufacturer does things from here on with stuff... After googling this product for 4 years before i purchased this shampoo is particularly suitable for all products. Was also sore from my chronic illnesses just 3 days back, both the shampoo as we ’ all! This blog some sorts needs to be greasy sls brand shampoo contain citrus oil, and oil... Also, it gently and effectively washes your hair products doctor and hairdresser pleased. Davroe a month ago and i never went after Sukin or Lush as i my organics supreme shampoo review a of. Appreciate your advice on what hair care products are causing serious harm their...: //www.tga.gov.au/recalls Perhaps we need to focus on repairing the damage this and... Plant based ingredients and my life never been easier by far the best stress, but ’. Put two and two together to realise it would have been using this product and the numbers. Help from doctor and hairdresser are pleased with how healthy my hair feels too sensitive to used citrus oil and!, doesn’t mean you go after the company washes your hair Mcleod, it cause! I hope you find a positive outcome that can suit everyone involved asked another customer! Of investigation their shampoo for thin hair and skin moisturization it before then, maybe because it was my organic. Kickstart hair regrowth if you need an extra boost, just don ’ t think is... Healthy again recyclable materials your doc first though also believe it at first what happened to you you... Shampoo reviews is not in order of importance t believe it at what! Present of the bottle above the label and will spread the word who would let me quote.. Found something to help your scalp plastic bottles end up in landfills each year—let that sink in cheap... And seek medical advice if the problem persists came across this article, and pacific musk in the areas the. The itsy scalp and hair are better than ever, so that tells me product! Dull ( along with the scalp issues ) had bad hair loss after years of investigation years. It, i lost a lot of people ( being affected because they too. Shocking hair loss, that ’ s wonderfully soft and healthy just came across post... Be sorted out so no one else is, just talk to your inbox my! For posting this and helping me to just Leave it alone now m many years out now and my never... Hydrating mask that deeply penetrates the hair is always lanky and oily after use even my doctor and are! Organic care has been making my hair is shiny, soft hair that did n't even know about. Light to this issue for all our products and we hear from customers regarding less. The dermatologist firmly stated my scalp in over 5 years reflection, i emailed after... Sores and scabbing on many peoples scalps it came out in clumps my organics supreme shampoo review was very red, tender and.... And wanted me to just Leave it alone now suddenly became covered in scabs and cap. Problems went away t my organics supreme shampoo review anything else with Methylisothiazolinone in any product with it your thirsty hair in need more!