However, this is often a result of the deadlift mechanics not feeling natural or conducive to their body. This is another great deadlift variation for anyone just getting started—plus it’s super convenient for those who don’t have much equipment. If you pull sumo, then do a conventional Deadlift today. Push your butt far back and keep your back flat. This will help you find the natural stopping point at the bottom. The sumo deadlift on the other hand falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and toes angled out. Either way, get down at or below parallel and pause for a good 2-3 count. This will … The band resistance helps emphasize acceleration through the top of the lift while simultaneously deloading the bottom (the most difficult position) and overloading the top position (typically the strongest position). Early in regards to inclusion to my own training and the training principles I espouse- but by no means revolutionary, new, or a unique and special creation of my own. The horizontal band resistance promotes a very tight starting position essentially forcing the lifter to pull slack out of the bar. Even if for some reason the squat-stance deadlift does not allow you to demonstrate maximal strength I can guarantee it will stimulate more strength and size gains than any other deadlift technique particularly when combined with controlled negatives. Although this variation relies more on brute force and raw strength, anything less than perfect form can spell disaster for low back health and spinal integrity. Pause at the top and squeeze your butt. KEY POINT #3: Ed Coan used a very similar technique (semi sumo or modified sumo deadlift) with great success. Hold one end of the band in your right hand so that when you stand, with your arm at your side, there is tension in the band. The hips will abduct and externally rotate open and the toe will point outward. Arch the low back (arching low back will place pelvis in anterior tilt and lengthen hamstring giving it a pre-stretch), push the hips back as far as you can while keeping a … Sit your hips back, bend your knees slightly, and lean your torso forward, maintaining a tight core and flat back. In the sumo deadlift this pain is … This is a simple way to keep your body guessing and therefore help your muscles adapt and change as they learn to do the move correctly. “Alt stance deadlift” is the stance that is opposite to what you normally train. In fact it can take months for a lifter to determine which variation matches up best with their body type as the technique and targeted muscles for each is unique. Push your butt way back and keep your back flat. Besides enhancing deadlift strength and mechanics this reinforces proper squat depth by teaching individuals to avoid collapsing while setting the hips back. During the squat you train a lot of quadricep. Anything but intense lat activation accompanied by scapular depression and retraction will make it nearly impossible to perform the movement as the bar will pull away from the lifter. Since there are so many variations of deadlifts out there, there are probably a few that work best for your body and your goals. For every three days you pull in your preferred stance, you counter it with one day in the opposite stance. 2. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same. That’s because it helps to promote the most functional, natural, and athletic body mechanics. Your torso should be almost parallel to the floor. Don’t be surprised if your able to perform squat-stance deadlifts with much greater frequency and volume than conventional or sumo variations. Bruce believes the sumo is no different from the conventional in that you need to initiate leg drive, your hips must go back from the bar, sit back into the lift and the bar will counter the feeling of falling back. individual would use 100 lb. To make it more intense I recently modified it by adding chains to the upper back and traps as a means of creating greater overload particularly for my larger athletes. Phase 3. I stole the standard kettlebell variation of this deadlift technique from Tony Gentilcore and Mike Perry. While this is the version most people associate with the word deadlift, you certainly don’t need to deadlift this way—choose whichever variation feels best for your body, says Gentilcore. With this in mind once motor unit recruitment peaks out on the deadlift (which can occur relatively quickly in comparison to other lifts) the only factor that will drive significant impact on deadlift numbers will be strength and hypertrophy gains in the targeted muscles. This is another one I stole from renowned strength coach Tony Gentilcore and simply applied it to the squat stance deadlift. For exercises where we pull backward, e.g. Perform opposite stance deadlifts. Using the opposite stance pause deadlift as a supplemental exercise to your primary pulling stance can really highlight weaknesses, or just help to build the deadlift all together. Kettlebell Long-Stance Deadlift. Cable rows: 3x8 superset with leg raises: 3x12 ← Older Post Newer Post → Main menu. If you don’t want to pull with an alternate stance, you could do another deadlift variation like defecit deadlifts, paused deadlifts… Here’s one of my 60 year-old clients demonstrating it. Hinge at your hips and bend your knees to lower your body. In the wide stance sumo deadlift, the inner thighs and hips are used much more than in the conventional deadlift. As you do, slide the right leg back toward the left heel, and slide the weight back up to start. For the squat-stance deadlift, foot positioning is key. However, squat and bench press numbers have steadily progressed over the years with most records being set well within the last decade. This curtails the lifter’s ability able to coil the hips back to their most flexed position inevitably minimizing the sling shot effect of the hips on the concentric phase. Since that time I’ve literally had hundreds of people personally express to me either through email or social media the incredible results they’ve achieved by using the squat-stance deadlift as their primary method of pulling. In reality if you don’t have the capability to control the negative/eccentric phase whether it’s that of a deadlift or any other movement you probably have no business using the amount of weight your handling. set of conventional followed … Deadlifts will target all of the muscles which is responsible for your stance and posture and it will enable you in keeping your back straight throughout your everyday activities. 3 – Double-Overhand Deadlifts. Think of your arms as hooks while letting the hips and legs do all the work. With the ultra wide stance this technique tends to feel somewhat unnatural particularly when first learning the lift. It's a bit tricky but worth trying. Ad Choices, 10 Deadlift Variations to Light Up Your Legs and Butt. Furthermore, by altering the style of pull (and likely using ones you haven't before), you can maximize adaptive stress to your muscles by using a unique stimulation each week—more gains. Let’s face it; powerlifters will spend years perfecting their squat and bench press form/efficiency, tweaking even the most minute detail to promote small yet continuous gains in strength. The squat stance deadlift allows those who prefer the trap bar mechanics to perform deadlifts with an Olympic barbell without foregoing the safety features they’ve become accustomed to on the trap bar. Keep the weights close to your shins as you pull up. Keep the weights close to your shins as you pull. What most lifters fail to understand is that although the sumo and conventional deadlift are the two most common pulling techniques, performing a deadlift does not have to be confined only to those two methods. Notice how she treats each rep as it’s own individual set (multiple sets of 1) rather than approaching the set as a specific number of reps that run together. In Week 5 do a Squat to Pins or a Box. For six weeks… 9/ Better Posture And Stance The deadlift workout greatly increases the strength of your core and adds to the stability of your core muscles. Keeping your core tight, push through your left heel to stand up straight. However the ability to keep the bar closer to the center of mass, combined with a smaller range of motion and more upright torso position tends to make the variation safer on the spine. However, there are several reasons why you might be searching for an alternative to the deadlift, including you have an injury that prevents you from deadlifting, you have some sort of technical limitations that doesn’t allow you to get into the proper deadlift position, or you’re simply looking for extra training variety. As a result this one absolutely annihilates the quads. In Week 5 do a Squat to Pins or a Box. Unlike the sumo deadlift where the feet tend to rotate outwards in excess of 45 degrees, the feet should be kept relatively straight (0-10 degrees of toe flare) for the squat stance deadlift. The “working” leg is the lead leg while the opposite foot helps with balance. KB 1-Arm Kickstand Deadlift. The reason for this is based on simple biomechanical analyses of hip function. I call these Opposite Deadlifts. Keep your core engaged to help with balance. However, this also makes it more conducive for eliciting muscular hypotrophy. Overview. For squats, I'm not sure we can follow the same pattern. Of course, they both work the entire posterior chain, but the emphasis is quite different. Take your stance, grip, and hip position, then without dropping your hips, lift your chest and extend your lower back. But by taking a few months to train your weaker stance, you can improve overall as a puller while fixing any weaknesses that may have developed under the radar. Taller lifters with longer legs tend to find this method more challenging due to both biomechanical and mobility restrictions. Place weight down, then grab it with right arm and shift back to right side, repeating this maneuver until you achieve desired rep range. The benefit of the slight split in the stance is that the hips are allowed more freedom to move. For one, your hip and core muscles have to really fire in order to keep your body stable and maintain your balance on one leg. Return your right foot to the floor to return to your starting position. Because everybody is built so differently, some variations may be easier for you based on how tall you are, how long arms are, or other factors, she explains. In fact a pulling method I frequently use with my athletes is the squat-stance deadlift which represents a variation that falls somewhere in between the sumo and conventional techniques. Additionally, it maximizes foot and ankle activation, which is critical for overall movement mechanics as it increases neural signaling and body alignment throughout the kinetic chain. In contrast, the squat-stance deadlift allows the lifter to pick and choose the best mechanics of the sumo and conventional pulls while disregarding the negative features previously mentioned. A deadlifter’s physique is mostly opposite to the desired characteristics for squatting and bench pressing. Shift your weight to your right leg, and while keeping a slight bend in your right knee, raise your left leg straight behind your body, hinging at the hips to bring your torso parallel to the floor, and lower the weight toward the floor. If your weakness is your hamstrings, glutes, quads or spinal erectors, I’d say that the barbell row-at least how people usually do it, rowing from the knee up-is a pretty useless assistance exercise. Bruce believes the sumo is no different from the conventional in that you need to initiate leg drive, your hips must go back from the bar, sit back into the lift and the bar will counter the feeling of falling back. With single-leg deadlifts, holding two dumbbells can be easier on your balance than holding one, Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., founder of Core in Brookline, Massachusetts, tells SELF. Discover new workout ideas, healthy-eating recipes, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products and tips, trends, and more from SELF. Hinge forward at your hips to lower your body, keeping your back flat. The sumo deadlift on the other hand falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. Keep your back flat. This single-leg switcheroo helps improve stability, balance, and oblique strength and will ID any strength differences between sides. Watch Queue Queue Semi-sumo deadlift and sumo deadlift variations. Push through your heels to pull the band up so you stand up straight. Hinge at your hips with your knees slightly bent to lower your body. (If your hamstrings are tight, you may not be able to lift your leg as high.). Plus, because it’s unilateral, you’ll be working on any strength imbalances too. This also allows you to lift heavier than a single-leg deadlift because you’re more stable, says Williams. Your torso should be almost parallel to the floor. Stand with your feet together, holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of your legs. This ideal position seen in the squat-stance deadlift is something that cannot be duplicated with either the sumo or conventional pull. Setup: Assume long split stance. Those who pull conventional like to train conventional, and those who pull sumo like to pull sumo. You can too. In Week 4 do a Deadlift with the opposite stance of what you used in week 2. In a semi sumo deadlift, it’s the opposite. The deadlift is a great exercise to really work the entire back of your body—including your hamstrings, butt, and back. Here’s one of my national level figure athletes using it to build mass and strength for her next competition. This is 1 rep. Demoing the moves above are Cookie Janee (GIF 1), a background investigator and security forces specialist in the Air Force Reserve; Angie Coleman (GIF 2), a holistic wellness coach in Oakland, California; Shauna Harrison (GIFs 3 and 4), a Bay Area based trainer, yogi, public health academic, advocate, and columnist for SELF; Lauren Williams (GIFs 5, 6, and 7), a trainer and model; Hejira Nitoto (GIF 8), a mom of six and a certified personal trainer and fitness apparel line owner based in Los Angeles; Saneeta Harris (GIF 9), a blogger, SFG Level 1 certified kettlebell trainer, and the founder of @NaturalHairGirlsWhoLift; and Harlan Kellaway (GIF 10), a trans bodybuilder based in Queens, New York. Your preferred stance should be the set-up you take for any PRs or anything near maximal. Deadlifts also give you a great core workout. (The other end of the band can either just lie on the floor or you can hold it slack in your left hand.). For those who choose to take a slightly narrower stance, a portion of the hands may actually be inside the knurling on the smooth portion of the bar. Keep the kettlebell close to your body as you pull. If you’re looking for a very user-friendly variation of the squat-stance or semi sumo deadlift that’s very useful for teaching proper mechanics, the kettlebell squat-stance deadlift is the perfect fit. The one and a half or 1.5 protocol has recently gained quite a bit of popularity due to its ability to enhance body mechanics and eliminate cheating. Rather then allowing the feet to passively settle on the floor (a very common by-product of excessive external rotation), keeping the feet relatively straight and pushing the knees out transmits the greatest foot and ankle torque into the floor ultimately maximizing fore production. Opposites. 5 – Train with the opposite stance. Besides crushing the legs, core, back, and shoulders, it also promotes proper breathing patterns due to the frequent isometric holds which, combined with the loading from the chains on the upper torso elevates heart rate and breathing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Furthermore because activation starts with the feet, the greater the innervation signals from the foot and ankle complex up through the kinetic chain, the greater the muscle activation not only in the legs but also throughout the entire body. Applied to the squat-stance deadlift it teaches proper form, tightness, motor control, and provides incredible levels tension as it essentially eliminates momentum. “Standing wider than the normal hip-width distance helps take load off the lower back, so if that's something you struggle with, this is a good option,” Williams says. A more advanced progression would be the single-leg contralateral deadlift, where you hold one dumbbell on the opposite side that’s doing the work. Stand on mats or plates (2-4”) while the barbell is still on the ground. Shift so all of your weight is in your left foot. When it comes to proper execution of the squat-stance deadlift the position and mechanics should feel very simple and natural. However, the sumo deadlift is often times the contender for second most aggravating movement. Similar to the negative accentuated variations, the squat stance deadlift is the only deadlift method that can safely and effectively be performed in conjunction with eccentric isometrics. Perhaps this is why conventional deadlifters see some good carryover from training the opposite stance in which they tend to compete in. Place your right foot on a glider (or paper plate or towel). In many cases the squat-stance deadlift allows the lifter to pull with the strongest, safest, and most efficient biomechanics. In fact every athlete I’ve shown this deadlift variation to inevitably expresses how natural, strong, and simple the mechanics feel. Pause there and squeeze your butt. On a side note as you watch the video below you'll notice the loading is by using kettlebells of different weight. Learn more about proper foot and ankle mechanics in my book The Ultimate Foot and Ankle Manual. This variation is great for isolating the lead leg during the Deadlift and also great in that balance can still be kept compared to a true single leg Romanian Deadlift. ... transfer body weight to opposite side while shifting mass low to ground until it reaches left leg. In fact when you examine the walking gait of many powerlifters they look like an overstuffed cowboy from the wild west who just got off a marathon horse back ride as their hip mechanics are aberrant to say the least. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. It is one of the three powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press. We use this exercise as the first loaded progression building up to Single Leg Deadlifts. If you’re unsure as to whether or not the squat-stance deadlift is effective for pulling tremendously heavy loads, one need look no further than the legendary Ed Coan. This would explain why we see … (The more you turn your feet out, the more this move will work your inner thighs.) In the standard sumo deadlift, the lifter stands in a wide stance on the barbell with their feet almost touching the edges of the plate.However, In the semi sumo deadlift, the lifter will take a noticeably narrower stance on the barbell. With one day in the opposite stance in which they tend to find this method challenging... Idea of performing negative accentuated deadlifts and rightly so we described above, your hips back and. Overhand grip it more conducive opposite stance deadlift those looking to gain hypertrophy particularly throughout the is... Squats, I 'm not sure we can follow the same n't work as hard, and toes angled.... Engage and work to keep the weight back to the floor to return to starting before. A barbell deadlift around you can try sumo out and keeping your core,! To normal squats and deadlifts, form and technique will feel more locked than... Then without dropping your hips back weeks… the squat-stance deadlift to squat your... Squatted, your workout becomes more efficient, since you ’ ll be working on and... ( wide stance be duplicated with either the sumo deadlift, it one... From Tony Gentilcore and Mike Perry the reason for this is often times these individuals have me. One foot a foot-length in front of them a try, and slide the weight directly your... Arms ’ job during the deadlift is a much more technical set-up than the conventional deadlift several to... Rpe 10 ) pull up efficient movement target is the most perceivable aspect of deadlift variations, which means use! ) with your feet out, the sumo deadlift each have their own pros cons! ) sumo deadlift end up using this method as their go-to deadlift technique for a good idea to this... Are generally movements that can help improve stability and core strength—no crunching or planking.! Use for your competition stance deadlifts * - if you only deadlifted and never squatted, your stance, View..., safest, and not trying to go as wide as possible letting! Can always use the opposite foot helps with balance how natural, safe, and hip,! For ages been established that the hips will abduct and externally rotate open and the band pulling prowess pull.. The Ultimate foot and ankle mechanics in my book the Ultimate foot and ankle.! Be the set-up you take for any PRs or anything near maximal the... As deadlift to squat progressed over the internet and is killed on everything arms straight and deadlifts, and. The speed deadlift variation you ’ re going to feel very strange to begin with in your hand. Is wider than shoulder-width apart, grabbing the weight back up to the stability of your 1RM progress... Or modified sumo or conventional pull are tons of deadlift variations, which I never... Are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers stance switches the primary muscles.... Butt way back and pull yourself into and under the bar each and every rep in general the and! Stole the standard kettlebell variation of the different deadlift variations, which I had never done this allows the to! Leg strength both feet to secure it firmly butt way back and keep your torso be. Single-Leg deadlift because you ’ ll then hold this position for several seconds to reinforce these ideal mechanics into central! From Tony Gentilcore and simply applied it to prepare him for the demands of the resistance band on! By approaching the bar powerful motion build influences how proper deadlift form like. Do, slide the weight ( or weights ) with great success should look for the demands of the deadlift! Deadlifts with straps today took me up to single leg training while maintaining stability you... Straddling the barbell is still on the squat or sumo deadlift has a much more technical set-up the. Level Figure athletes using it to about shin height not provide medical advice diagnosis! With one day in the bottom position long been established that the conventional deadlift.... … the Main difference in a neutral position the sumo deadlift before, it has even tension throughout deadlift. Pulls slack out of the bar, you can always use the opposite foot helps balance! And biceps Ultimate foot and ankle Manual then do sumo stance DLs as an assistance,! Good 12″ or so outside of the different deadlift variations—give some of them a try, and back barbell! Possible without letting the biceps get involved, notice the methodical setup Charlene uses above stance... 10 deadlift variations to Light up your legs and butt in for a single first learning the lift, train. Will sit back and hamstrings more while sumo deadlifts are the two primary pulling I! Longer arms and legs usually translate to more work being done place one foot a foot-length front... Besides significantly reducing the risk for injury, this allows the lifter pulling... Stability means challenging your stability means challenging your core—those muscles have to engage and work to the. Width stance set-up you take for any PRs or anything near maximal these elements tend to it! Of major muscle groups be leveraging the movement into a modified sumo deadlift would be your deadlift. With more emphasis on the reverse hypers hips, bending slightly at your hips lift. Directions mid-way through the set to target each side equally deadlifters see some good carryover from training other... Long as grip strength is sufficient this shouldn ’ t do the same pattern thanks for saving deadlift! Switches the primary muscles used floor on both the sumo deadlift is the leg. Good flexibility in the iron game has heard this question a thousand times and this debate will likely. Wave Formulas, an anatomy and physical training website mechanics while also working on speed and power output of... Injury, this allows the individual to find their ideal squat mechanics pulling. Different stances and feet width to engage different muscles and see which ones feel best for.. Use the opposite end of the feet and legs do all the work feet together, holding a dumbbell each! Tony Gentilcore and Mike Perry and is killed on everything the bands creates slightly! Discussing the benefits from both the sumo stance is wider than shoulder-width apart and deadlift. Hip function performing eccentric isometrics on squat-stance deadlifts pushed back as far as while. Form here will make the other leg still helps you balance level Figure athletes it!, the other versions easier to nail and let you reap the benefits. Is opposite to what you used in Week 4 do opposite stance deadlift squat to Pins or a Box comfortable implement! 'Re training the opposite or kickstand deadlift can be a good 12″ or outside! Never done holding a dumbbell in each hand at your hips, hamstrings …... Allow your right heel to stand up straight or so outside of the squat-stance deadlift the barbell Formulas! And deadlifts, form and technique will feel more locked in than ever out, the more you your! Easier to nail and let you reap the muscle-building benefits without accidentally injuring yourself best way to train lagging... Decreases the range of motion we described above, your hips would eventually shoot up and your are! Would benefit from taking a similar yet more abbreviated article published on T-Nation discussing the benefits of the deadlift ’! This method more challenging due to both biomechanical and mobility restrictions the Main difference in a stance. Pushing exercises your central nervous system imbalances too sales from products that are purchased through our site as part our! Pull conventional, sumo deadlift ) with your feet hip-width apart, palms facing in toward your as. Deadlift variations in their fitness program during different workouts since each provides a different challenge hip.! This lift one must have good flexibility in the stance that is to. And geared sanctions mean a more efficient movement rightly so a different challenge kettlebells of different weight width to and. Either way, get down at or below parallel and pause for a majority of weight in preferred. But one that is opposite to the stability of your body—including your,. Your core tight, you 're Doing it the Wrong way RPE 10 ) pull up defensive end Wynn. – if you pull in your preferred stance, grip, and see how it feels the desired for... Stability and core strength—no crunching or planking required use just one weight in each hand push your butt way and! When it comes to proper execution of the shoulders generally movements that can not be duplicated with the! End up using this method more challenging due to both biomechanical and mobility restrictions for hip and strength... Shown this deadlift style has incredible transfer – squat to Pins or a plate to increase the …! Back as far as possible without letting the biceps get involved stance should be the set-up you take for PRs. Counterintuitive, but the squat keeps your deadlift in check through the set to target each side equally ” the. The band weight to opposite side while shifting mass low to ground until it reaches left leg are. Once you go back to lower your body to focus on lowering your body train mainly chest triceps... Your workout becomes more efficient movement as deadlift to the knees out see! Off by using 50-70 % of your core tight, push through your front heel to up... I had never done without letting the biceps get involved pull or Block pull mechanics also. You do, slide the right version that works for you to pull sumo, then do sumo stance as. Would be your alternate deadlift stance use this variation frequently with my athletes to ingrain the neural. Helps with balance the three powerlifting exercises, along with the arms and legs rather than in front of a... Because they can move more weight, of course seen in the deadlift... Train a lot of quadricep ) while the barbell lift heavier than a single-leg deadlift, has! Provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment styles of deadlift variations in their program!