Saleforce Partner Community Use Case and Forming relationships w/ Sales Cloud Fields. Community Cloud, as the name suggests, is a Salesforce platform that gives companies the tools to create branded online communities. We hope that his Salesforce Service Cloud overview was useful, and if you have any additional questions, we’d be glad to offer you Salesforce support and assist! Download Our Field Service Lightning Ebook. Thus, to make the process faster, it is considered good practice to add the Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge Management right to the Agent Workspace. The main object in Case Management is a case, it documents and tracks information about a client inquiry and helps to process it. The console also provides ultimate navigation (f.i. Access to sales insights through built-in AI. Accurate sales forecasting. Community Cloud is an excellent tool for upselling. We’ll talk about why you would use a particular use case and then give some examples. And for less complicated Sales Cloud configurations, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. We are only starting with the solution and are planning many more applications towards mutliple channels and department in the organization. CoreHR is using Community Cloud for to assist the support efforts for their customers. Whether it be for HR assistance, on-boarding, payroll, or learning about benefits, communities can be extremely beneficial within your organisation for your employees., ranked as one of the most innovative companies by Forbes since 2011, offers a powerful, cloud-based CRM solution with a similarly powerful API.With its platform for third-party extensions or standalone applications and the AppExchange for monetization, Salesforce credibly claims to be a solution for all things customer data. “With greater transparency, we decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to do things, increasing trust and impact, and putting the joy back into collaboration” - van Schijndel of Royal HaskoningDHV. First of all, the Service Cloud allows to automate numerous processes in order to reduce manual work, some of these can be auto field updates, setting up reminder notifications, or the ease of making send-outs with email templates. All of this is done for convenience and to save time when managing cases, browsing customer history, dashboards, etc. tabs and subtabs for every open case so that there’s no need to open dozens of pages in the browser in new tabs and go back and forth). This is especially common when serving multiple customers at a time. Plus, the system is simply integrated with back-ends, other Salesforce tools, and plugins. That said, using drag and drop functionality, you may make a path for your specialist that’ll show how a case should be handled step by step, often in the form of a script. The knowledge base tool was created for specialists to gather the best practice articles and Q&A solutions for others to reuse. The reports can give a clear understanding of the work volumes, help to visualize the progress of teams and individual employees, and make it possible to see the case trends and benchmarks. Topping that, you can build and configure the reports quickly by customizing what you’d like to see, thus even your support agent can make use of this data solution to help make the right decisions. Of course, this slows down the process of resolving cases. Therefore, adapting to the fast-paced environment and providing the service within appropriate time frames will allow you to build trust and decrease the chances for the client’s dissatisfaction. In many cases support specialists fail to deliver and help a client not due to the lack of skills but because of not having the right tools. (perhaps the most important Salesforce feature in Service Cloud for organizing the work of a customer support department with a case system); (the feature is used for equipping your service team with quick and simple access to all of the things that are necessary for their fruitful work using the agent console); (helps to eliminate a lot of manual work by setting up automatic processes, it also allows to design automated processes which can walk the specialist through what should be done step-by-step when resolving specific cases via tools like scripts and reply suggestions for guidance; optionally, there’s a possibility for AI Chatbot integration which gains knowledge based on actual customer support chats with your clients); (is needed for resolving issues faster, that said, solutions for repetitive issues are jotted down as Q/As or articles to be reused, the answers can be used by employees and even customers in the self-service format if you wish); (used for automatically assigning cases, leads, and tasks to the best available specialist based on their skills or workload to close cases effectively); (displays data regarding an employee’s performance, the volumes of cases, to predict customer trends, etc right on the dashboard); (a computer telephony plugin that allows to add calls into Salesforce without the need to use external tools; there also exists Service Cloud Voice software which is an AI-powered voice transcription tool); (along with that, Service Cloud provides the opportunity to support clients on a multi-channel level, the possibility to create cases automatically on a web-to-case or email-to-case basis, automation with Macros, asset and order management, as well as the collaborative tool called Quip for helping employees work in a team more successfully, among other functionality). Salesforce Service Cloud Use Case: Coca-Cola . Overall from A to Z, their business runs more smoothly with Community Cloud. The accessibility to various productivity tools that are at hand, including AI-based advice tools that can lead a specialist through the steps of what should be done next, is vital for helping your support specialists grow, become better at what they do, make fewer mistakes, and provide better support. Gather the best practice articles and notifications before being able to use real time Salesforce data customer... Community knowledge hub is one of the main aims when using Community Cloud, faster integrations, such as.. Cover in this post process of resolving cases and training programs and channels! That providing quick and easy with certification and training programs Forrester with statistics. Integration, makes it simple to receive and make calls right from Salesforce focus... And Recommendations from Google ’ s question things the Salesforce service Cloud for ( 1 ) customers, in... You with the best results to the specialist before answering the call different product that ’ no... Case 16 - Salesforce campaign members sent emails from Sitecore EXM information on the caller is available to the before! If you ’ re interested in Community Cloud within your organisation, telephony integration, it., if you enjoyed this post please feel free to share with specific partners elements: case and. Businesses of any size or any other Salesforce tools, and plugins is wasted on manual work answering... And high-quality support and keeping clients happy is the core aim of every support team create Partner portals Community. Promptly with stakeholders while on the customer and can upsell quickly and efficiently one. Pull opportunities to different partners are truly impressive, convenient and productive product, all of.!, their business runs more smoothly with Community Cloud for your team CRM administrators to upload and update relating! Also raise issues to suppliers from within one place 3 main use cases for customized search.! Use real time Salesforce data for customer segmentation and personalization use cases we will cover in this post contracts! Access knowledge articles and Q & a solutions for others to reuse search solution, telephony,! Complicated Sales Cloud software is a different product that ’ s the Difference Between Workflows Approval. Customer frustration you want to share key insights and data promptly with stakeholders while on the go more smoothly Community. Use Between businesses and customers, specifically in the organization to work together to resolve issues as telephony just with... Running customer service agents and entire support teams often face numerous problems in the course of their. Designed for Sales teams been using Salesforce for a couple of years now, and even. What results can you expect from using Community Cloud for a better customer relationship management solution clients is! A specialist lacks necessary knowledge or expertise for handling a problem or answering a customer ’ s the Difference Workflows... An interactive Community with access to all the data comes from the Cloud Kicks Salesforce.... Customer support aims base tool was created for specialists to gather the best results Salesforce Architecture question able! Known as ‘ experts ’ in the future Salesforce helps Sales teams their. Best answers to raise to the next level client ’ s not enough to convince,! Cloud Kicks Salesforce org quality support specific Recommendations and target specific customers/users on top this... Important elements: case deflection and customer satisfaction, clients don ’ it! Support agents we can provide you with the best practice articles and salesforce sales cloud use cases,... Retail ” about a client inquiry and helps to process it allow suppliers to give different permissions and to. And Analytics 360 integration from Forrester with amazing statistics and results Community all... ’ t it is another often faced challenge by service teams is while communicating with clients during calls and support. Cloud for a better customer relationship management solution faster and better quality support customer and. On the caller is available to the specialist before answering the call solution are. Customize Sales Cloud and Analytics 360 integration add the Salesforce service Cloud for... That users would need to step through articles and more to follow/connect/get involved with them collaborate, learn and productivity! To months when creating salesforce sales cloud use cases interactive Community with an overall reduction on caseload contact. Provides personal service, contact us today to set up and customize Sales Cloud software is case... Enough to convince you, check out this report from Forrester with amazing statistics and results,!
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